Alessandro Borin

Economist – Bank of Italy

new research

  • The real-time impact of the war on Russian imports: a synthetic control method approach, with F. P. Conteduca and M. Mancini, 2022, ZBW Working Paper [link] [VoxEU column]
  • Quantitative assessment of the economic impact of the trade disruptions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with F. P. Conteduca, E. Di Stefano, V. Gunnella, M. Mancini and L. Panon, 2022, Occasional Papers, Bank of Italy, no. 700. [link]
  • Measuring Exposure to Risk in Global Value Chains, with M. Mancini and D. Taglioni, 2021, World Bank Policy Research WP, 9785. [VoxEU column] [link] [slides]
  • Forecasting Italian GDP growth with epidemiological data, with V. Aprigliano, F. P. Conteduca, S. Emiliozzi, M. Flaccadoro, S. Marchetti and Stefania Villa, Occasional Papers, Bank of Italy, no. 664. [link]
  • Trade and Economic Activity: Non-Linear Modelling and Forecasting, with A. G. Gazzani and M. Mancini.

DAta and programs

Check the World Bank WITS GVC Database here

Check icio website here! icio is a user-friendly Stata tool to compute measures of GVC participation and trade in value-added (November 2022 update now available! Run“icio_clean” followed by “icio_load, info to check the available data)


  • Measuring what matters in value-added trade. Economic Systems Research, 2022, forthcoming. with M. Mancini [link WP version]
  • An epidemic model for SARS-CoV-2 with self-adaptive containment measures. PloS one, 2022, 17(7): e0272009. with S. Marchetti, F.P. Conteduca, G. Ilardi, G. Guzzetta, P. Poletti P, et al. [link]
  • A new dataset for local and national COVID-19-Related restrictions in Italy. Italian Economic Journal, 2022, 8, 435–470 (2022). with F.P. Conteduca. [link]
  • icio –   Economic Analysis with Inter-Country Input-Output tables. Stata Journal, 2021, 21(3). with F. Belotti and M. Mancini. [link] [slides]
  • EU transfers and euroscepticism: can’t buy me love? Economic Policy, 2020. with E. Macchi and M. Mancini. [link]
  • FDI and firm performance: an empirical analysis on Italian firmsReview of World Economics, 2016, 152(4), with A. Borin. [link]

Michele Mancini economist global value chains international trade

Michele Mancini economist global value chains international trade icio