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Welcome to my webpage!
I am Michele Mancini, an economist at the Bank of Italy in the Emerging Markets and World Trade Division.

Michele Mancini economist

My research interests are: international trade, global value chains analysis, productivity estimation. 

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Contact me: michele.mancini (at) bancaditalia.it

new research

  • icio –   Economic Analysis with Inter-Country Input-Output tables in Stata. with F. Belotti and A. Borin, 2020, Policy Research Working Paper 9156. Washington, D.C.: World Bank [link] [slides]
    Check icio website hereNew version with ADB MRIO up to 2018 available!
    ssc install icio
  • Check the new World Bank World Development Report 2020 on Global Value Chains here.
    GVC participation measures used in the Report follow the methodology from our works (Borin and Mancini, 2015, 2019).
    – GVC indicators in the report can be computed in Stata with icio. See this help guide to replicate WDR2020 GVC measures.
    – A full database (country/sector/time) of trade in value-added and GVC participation measures can be found here. Please check the read me file in the zip folder.
  • Measuring What Matters in Global Value Chains and Value-Added Trade
    with A. Borin, 2019, Policy Research Working Paper 8804. Washington, D.C.: World Bank [link] [slides]
  • Eu transfers and euroscepticism: can’t buy me love?
    with A. Borin and E. Macchi.
    New version! [link]
    First version, June 2018, ECON Working Papers 289, University of Zurich[link]
  • The Cyclicality of the Income Elasticity of Trade [VoxEU.org]
    with A. Borin, V. Di Nino, M. Sbracia
    – Last Version, July 2017, Economic Working Papers n.1126, Bank of Italy [link]
    – First Version, August 2016, MPRA paper 73000, University Library of Munich [link]

Michele Mancini economist global value chains international trade

Michele Mancini economist global value chains international trade icio